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Foxtel Multiroom Canberra

If you’re one of the millions of Australians that subscribe to Foxtel, you’ll be aware that usually, if you want to watch the service in more than one room, you’ll need to sign up for the more costly multi-room package. But did you know that it’s also possible to route the signal to other rooms in your home without the need to sign up for the multi-room option? We can provide cost-effective, high-grade cabling which can distribute the Foxtel signal around your home, enabling you to watch channels in your bedroom, kitchen, study or wherever else you like, even if the topbox isn’t located in that room.

Foxtel Multiroom Canberra Solutions

Cabling your Foxtel signal to other rooms is perfectly legal. The only downside is that you can still only watch a single programme at a time, regardless of how many screens you watch it on: so if your children are watching cartoons, adults will have to watch them too! Aside from this, there are several advantages to opting for Foxtel multiroom cabling, rather than confining viewing to one room in the home:

  • Fit your viewing around your lifestyle: want a relaxing night? Enjoy TV in your bedroom; cooking dinner? Catch up with the news from a TV screen in your kitchen.
  • No untidy cables or leads. We can conceal your leads and cables, securing them firmly yet discreetly so that your home looks uncluttered.
  • Save money on your Foxtel package: no need to opt for the more costly multi-room option
  • Top-quality viewing experience. We fit premium, high-grade cables that ensure the signal in the other rooms of your house is as good as the one where your topbox is located. Our aim is to ensure that our customers enjoy the very best possible viewing experience, no matter where their screen happens to be
  • Cabling can save you money. Not only can you watch Foxtel from any room in your home, saving money on subscription charges, it also means that you can often avoid additional expenditure on items such as DVDs or subscriptions to online providers, as every member of the family can have a screen in the room where they spend most time, enabling them to access TV as and when they wish.
  • Control your video using a SMART phone or laptop, or use a remote that can work not only your screens, but also your CCTV, security systems, HVAC and more.

With so many advantages, it’s little wonder that a growing number of households are choosing to opt for Foxtel multiroom solutions. Call us to find out more.

Foxtel Multiroom Canberra



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