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Project Description


Adtech supply, install and set up IP cameras Canberra businesses and homeowners can trust. These high-tech wireless cameras provide the best, most cost-effective solution for keeping your premises safe.

Whether you need to monitor visitors to your house, keep track of your kids’ whereabouts or protect your business against break-ins or false claims, IP cameras are proven to enhance the security of your property inside and out.

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IP Cameras Canberra

Why Should I Install IP Cameras?

Keep Track From Anywhere

IP cameras connect to your local wireless network, so the footage recorded can be viewed on any laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Most IPs also upload and back up any photos and data to a cloud space, so it can never be lost or destroyed.

Accurate Motion Sensing

Using your internet connection, IP cameras will immediately send you SMS or email alerts straight to your device whenever they detect any motion at your property.

Rather than filming constantly, the cameras will only record and send you live video footage of your premises as and when you request it. Precise motion sensors trigger the camera to take still pictures or 30-second videos whenever there’s an unexpected movement or disturbance.


These cameras are wireless and just require access to a power socket, making them unobtrusive and easy to install without unsightly ethernet cables ruining the aesthetic of your property.

There are even completely ‘wire-free’ IP cameras which run on batteries alone, allowing you to mount them anywhere in your house and move them about whenever and wherever you need.

Extra Features

As well as the above benefits over standard analogue cameras, IP cameras offer heaps of additional features, such as speakers and microphones – ideal for use as a baby monitor – built-in memory card storage, infrared light for night vision mode, and zoom, tilt and pan movement options controlled via a remote.

Rely on Adtech for IP cameras Canberra-wide

Here are some of the reasons why we’re Canberra’s most trusted company for IP camera supply and installation:

  • We only supply state-of-the-art equipment
  • Our engineers have over 20 years’ experience installing and setting up cameras and other security equipment
  • Our IP cameras can be integrated with other security devices like alarms and intercoms for a complete solution

For more information or to get your quote, feel free to contact our team.

IP Cameras Canberra



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