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IP TV streaming is a way of getting access to TV via the Internet, rather than the signal being delivered through cables or via a satellite. The quality of the image received is as good, if not better, than the quality obtained using cable or satellite, but it simply comes from a different source. Suitable for almost any property, IP TV is often of particular value for institutions or facilities where there are large numbers of residents. Ideal for use by hotels, guesthouses and motels, it’s also a good choice for hostels, nursing homes, hospitals and care settings.

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IP TV Streaming Canberra Hospitality Businesses Rely On

In comparison with other options for obtaining TV, IP TV offers a number of advantages:

• bandwidth isn’t taken up by multiple users, all watching different channels. This means that service speeds can remain high, even with high numbers of viewers.
• viewers get access to a wider range of content than might be the case with some cable TV packages.
• access to IP TV can be tied in with access to the Internet, including phone calls. This makes it easier to administer, as residents or guests can be charged for a specific time period, without the need to create separate access arrangements for each service.l of our digital TV antennas are backed by a comprehensive warranty, for your peace-of-mind.

IP TV Installation Canberra Businesses Need

Generally, the only thing needed for IP TV to work effectively is a reliable Internet connection. Overall, residents in Canberra are generally able to receive a consistent signal, so for most local businesses, there are no barriers to IP TV working well. Once installed, IP TV is very easy and intuitive to operate. It also allows users to switch quickly between the TV and other functions on their screen, adding value to the viewing experience.

Experienced IP TV Installation Company

We are a locally based company that has considerable experience in fitting IP TV systems in a variety of different locations. Our team are able to complete every stage of the process: from initial advice and information through to costings, installation and post-installation support, we offer a friendly, professional service. IP TV can be a cost-effective solution to meeting the entertainment and media needs of your clients, at the same time as being convenient to administer. As one of the leading IP TV installation Canberra companies, we will be happy to provide the support you need with all aspects of your IP TV purchase and installation process




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