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Project Description


Whether you’ve purchased your home automation plan from us or another provider, we’re able to deliver the same high quality of service you’d expect. Get started on a better maintenance plan today.

Preventing Problems

Our maintenance service aims to keep on top of any issues before you notice them. By having regular checks, your home automation system can keep on running smoothly without a hitch. We’ll make sure that:

•Software is always up to date and successfully installed
•Regular backups are stored securely and easily accessible so that if something did go wrong, reinstalling all your settings will be a breeze
• Batteries are replaced when needed and working at their optimal capacity
• Clocks and timers are consistent across your entire network
• Touch screens and sensors are fully calibrated
• Every device is responsive and fully functional


Sometimes breakdowns are unavoidable, but ADTECH make sure that they cause the least amount of disruption to your day as possible. With a rapid response time, we arrive at your home as soon as we can to efficiently take care of any problems. For smaller issues, we’re more than happy to guide you over the phone so that you can easily fix settings with minimal disruption. We understand how integral your home automation system becomes, so we’ll never delay in providing you with the professional support and understanding you need.

Choose AdTech

We offer home automation system maintenance Canberra wide, so no matter where you are, you can benefit from our services. As much as we’re committed to our technical skill and professionalism, we pride ourselves on having great communication with all our customers. You can benefit from a deeply personalised service, as we believe building lasting relationships is the key to a quality job. Get in touch today to schedule a maintenance review or get help with more urgent repairs. Our team are more than happy to talk you through any questions you might have.

Home Automation System Maintenance Canberra


When it comes to home automation system maintenance, Canberra has a lot to offer. But AdTech is dedicated to offering a professional, personalised service, making them your first stop if things aren’t going quite to plan. With our extensive experience, there are few technical issues we haven’t seen, making us very efficient at getting everything back on track.

Home Automation System Maintenance Canberra



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