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Project Description


We understand that every home is a little different, which is why it’s vital that systems are planned so that they match your specific requirements. The systems we set up can be altered to meet the needs of your particular household, no matter what they may be. Common requests include automation of:

  • heating
  • air conditioning
  • appliances (washing machines, cookers etc)
  • computer
  • TV
  • audio/visual equipment
  • security alarm
  • CCTV cameras
  • curtains
  • lighting

If there is another activity within your home that you would like to see automated so that you can control it remotely, just tell us what it is and we will see what can be done to meet your specifications.

Because we also install home automation systems, we have an excellent understanding of the practical issues associated with projects. This means that we plan and design realistically, creating systems that work well in real life, as well as on paper. Our team is committed to providing systems that do exactly what you need in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective manner possible. In many cases, our clients notice that their fuel bills decrease over time once they’ve switched to a home automation system, because appliances, heating and similar energy using activities can be programmed to be used only when absolutely necessary.

We provide tailored, high-quality home automation system design Canberra homeowners can rely on to deliver the outcomes they’re looking for, no matter what those might be. Dependable and offering excellent value, we are committed to giving every client the system they want for an affordable price. Call us now to find out more.

Home automation system design from AdTech

A growing number of homeowners are turning to us to provide a suitable home automation system design for their property. Home automation allows occupants to programme a wide range of different activities within their home remotely: in some cases, the system needs to be operated from within the home, whilst in others it can be operated from a smartphone or laptop almost anywhere that there is Internet access. Designed properly, a home automation system can make life easier, as well as saving energy, enhancing security and potentially making your home a more appealing place to live. As an experienced automation design business, we are proud to offer high-grade home automation system design Canberra wide.

Home Automation System Design Canberra



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